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    Woohoo! We’ve been selected by New Orleans Magazine readers as the Tops of the Town in FOUR categories!

    #1 Favorite Place for Brunch
    #2 Favorite Place for Italian
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    #4 Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant

    We’ve been selected for the 2017 OpenTable Diners’ Choice Awards!


    Red Gravy has been voted #1 Best Brunch Spot In New Orleans by Open Table for 2016!
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    We have been featured as one of the top 10 best brunch places by The Culture Trip!
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    Also listed in the top 10 Italian restaurants in New Orleans


    Red Gravy is a cozy bistro serving rustic Italian cuisine using recipes handed down from my grandmothers, aunts and my Mom; along with a few self-inspired creations. I source locally and organically for eggs, fish & shellfish, produce, beef, pork, chicken, grits and bread. My staff and I follow the traditions with dedication to the past, and an eye on sustainability. The dining room is like my house, colourful and kitchsy. “Mangiere, ridere, amare.” It means, ‘eat, laugh, love’. Please do.


    DiscoverOur Story

    Red Gravy began as the dream of a 10 year old little Italian girl from Northern New Jersey in 1972.

    I was always most comfortable in the kitchen; and while other kids were watching Bugs Bunny reruns, I was glued to the Galloping Gourmet and Julia Child cooking shows on PBS. Never much interested in the academics of school, I did manage to get straight As in Home Ec. Well, the cooking part of Home Ec. anyway. My sewing skills left something to be desired. Throughout grammar school and high school my need to feed (or overfeed, as is my usual habit) my loved ones remained constant. Sadly, I didn’t pursue the dream out of high school. I spent a couple of years in college deluding myself I’d make a really great English teacher. During that time, I married a great guy (Ivan) and had the worlds’ most amazing children (Mark and Coco), and proceeded about the business of life and trying to decide what it was I really wanted. And, still … I’m busy feeding people and perfecting my skills, thanks to self-guided study.

    In the early 90s I managed to get hired by a large food service company as a cold prep person. I’d spend the first 4 hours of a 8 hour day making tuna, chicken and egg salad, then spend the remaining part of the day serving sandwiches at the deli line. I must have done something right because within 4 months I was making soups, sauces and vegetables for the entire account. Hungry (okay, bad pun …) for more, I always took on more responsibility, always cooked my heart out, and moved up quickly. I’ve worked at some great accounts and some accounts that still give me nightmares. Regardless, I always learned something, and people ate well. This desire to open a place of my own was getting pretty damn big, all this time, as well. As it turns, my marriage didn’t survive past 25 years (and it’s because of that 25 years and the fact that I was married to a really great guy, that I consider my marriage a complete success). I met Lou during the most self-examining part of my life. I’m not sure how much stock to put into the term soul mates, or opposites attracting, or any of that … but I fell in love with him the moment I met him.

    He took me to New Orleans for my 41st birthday, and we’ve both been hooked since. We vacationed here every single year since then, doing the walking tours, the plantation tours, the music club tours, etc. We held our breath when Katrina struck, and cried when we witnessed the levees crumble. We had Christmas reservations for that year. While we had to change hotel plans, we kept the plane tickets and kept the trip booked. I think it was that devastation and the sheer determination of sprit we witnessed in New Orleans that gave me the courage to consider leaving the NYC metro area I’d known for my entire life, and my friends and family, to set up shoppe here. There was also the fact that we were completely unable to vacation anywhere else; every single trip we took was to New Orleans. We decided that if we ever want to see any more of this planet, we’d just have to move here.

    And so, here I am, nothing more than a little Italian girl from Northern New Jersey. You’ll notice some of my favorite people have been given the honour of having a menu item named after them. Lou, the love of my life, the man who knows my heart. Mark, my son, who reminds me so much of myself and pushed so hard for me to do this. Coco, my magnificent daughter and possibly the strongest woman I know. Justin, the pirate who reached for Coco, & she let him catch her. Ivan, my first love who taught me it was okay to be myself. Blair, the woman who was lucky enough to win his heart. Nancy, my younger sister, who got away with murder. Jim, my older brother who was almost an impossible act to follow. Debra, my sister in law who has a gentle wicked side. Bruce, my brother in law, who can build it if you need it or fix it if it breaks. GrandMa and GrandDad – my parents, Marianne and Jim – you’ve got to meet them to believe it. They’ve been married since 1956 and are completely interchangeable by now. I hope I’ve made all of you proud. I couldn’t have done any of this without you!

    And as for the rest of you… Please come and eat. I always make too much.





    BETWEEN THE BREAD - french bread sandwiches & chips

    PASTA A MANO - homemade pasta


    Additional Information

    Menu Items and Prices are Subject to Change

    (*) means gluten free or can be prepared gluten free for upcharge. (v) contains no meat.

    No Substitutions Please

    Due to the modest size of our kitchen, we respectfully request that parties larger than 8 participate in our chef’s tasting menu.

    20% Service Fee is added to parties of 5 or more $1.25 plate sharing fee may be added

    No more than 2 checks per table; please request at time of seating!

    Roseann Melisi Rostoker – Ring Leader

    Lou Lombardo – the Right Hand

    Meet our local vendors!

    All our eggs are cage free, yard eggs from Happy Hen Farms in St. Rose, LA; Our free range chickens are from Tanglewood Farms; Our shrimp is from Pistol P,right off the boat; Our crabs and crabmeat is from Pete & Clara’s seafood; Our beef is grass fed, most coming from a co-op cow share program. All our seasonal produce is from various farmers at the Crescent City Farmer’s Market; Our cheeses are from St. James Cheese Company; Our organic, stone ground grits are from Bonnecaze Farms; Our bread is from Bellegarde, Binder and Don Phoung bakeries. Our gluten free desserts are from Girls Gone Vegan. I am so proud to support these wonderful people!

    “Mangiare!” Come and eat, I always make too much!

    I am so pleased you have joined us today. My staff and I take great pride in the quality of our products and our ability to create wonderful meals. It is our pleasure to follow old world tradition through dedication and love of our craft. Please be patient as we work the old way; from scratch, by hand, to order. I hope I succeed in pleasing you.

    Our Awards Over the Years

    Certificate of Excellence
    2015 Winner

    Certificate of Excellence
    2014 Winner

    Certificate of Excellence
    2013 Winner

    Certificate of Excellence
    2012 Winner

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